Smart Offices: What They Are & Why They’re Important

Smart Offices: What They Are & Why They’re Important

Smart offices use advanced technology to improve workplace safety, security, and efficiency. Through various systems, facilities of all shapes and sizes can enhance their productivity while remaining secure with commercial security solutions. If you’re considering a security system upgrade, keep reading to discover what smart offices are and why they’re important.

What are smart offices, and what features do they have?

These days, a traditional lock-and-key method isn’t enough to secure your facility. An access control system that utilizes a key fob, or key card access, ensures that only authorized personnel have access to your private spaces and information. These commercial security systems can be integrated with security camera systems to monitor your site and broadcast live images so you always know what’s happening.

Other critical security system elements include:

Lockdown Solutions

Does your commercial security system have what it takes to protect your staff in an emergency? Schools, hospitals, and government buildings need lockdown solutions to secure high-risk areas. Even commercial buildings in different industries are at risk for intruders if they don’t have the right access systems.

Find a commercial locksmith company that will perform a security risk assessment. From there, correct any faults in your current system and upgrade your technology. For example, you can secure your location remotely using smart locks on your doors and lock them all down with a touch of a button.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Building a smart office isn’t just about security; it’s also about convenience. Cloud-based access control makes monitoring and securing your commercial building simple. All you need is a smartphone and a commercial locksmith service provider capable of installing door security systems such as OpenPath and KISI.

Other cloud-based access control systems use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to secure your office. ZKTeco uses biometrics such as face and fingerprint scanning to unlock restricted areas for authorized individuals. This system even registers visitors to help businesses confirm identities.

Commercial Door Installation

A safe and secure business is one with a strong and reliable entryway. Your main entry door should make a solid first impression and be inviting to potential customers while protecting everyone inside. A damaged door doesn’t just turn potential clients away; it leaves everyone vulnerable to various dangers.

Smart office doors feature keypads, key fobs, or key card systems paired with electronic door hardware, such as electric strikes and hands-free hardware, to make unlocking and re-locking your commercial entryways a breeze. The addition of ADA-compatible automatic door operators ensures ease of accessibility for everyone entering and exiting your office space. Entryways can also have door position switches to alert you of propped-open doors that create safety and security hazards.

Why Are Smart Offices Important?

We can’t overstate the importance of safety and security in commercial buildings. Smart offices give customers and staff members peace of mind. They also attract new clients and retain employees since people don’t have to worry about compromising information or their well-being.

Now that you know what smart offices are and why they’re important, contact The Flying Locksmiths to secure your location. We offer commercial security solutions and more to meet your commercial security needs. We won’t leave your premises until we fully protect your office with the latest technology.