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When Should You Update Your Access Control System?

Signs You Should Change Your Access Control System

“Access Control” goes beyond controlling the way people enter and exit a business by simple lock and key. Today’s progressive businesses that are concerned with securing their assets and employees still turn to commercial locksmiths like The Flying Locksmith to install much more sophisticated, computer-based, electronic card access control systems that use an electronic card or key fob for entrance. You can use these systems to control entry to outside doors of your business or to access high-security areas within your business. This system, when installed by a professional commercial locksmith, provides quick, convenient access to employees who are approved while keeping unauthorized people out.

Although this type of security system is much more secure than your average lock and key, there are still times when you should utilize commercial locksmith services to update, change or upgrade your existing commercial access control system.

Why Update Your access Control System?

Whether your business is growing rapidly or you’ve already established yourself as a leader in your market, chances are that you’re hiring three employees a month (or more) to keep up with your needs. These are excellent signs of growth, but your existing access control system may not be keeping up with your accelerated staffing. Onboarding new employees have their own set of challenges in today’s business world. Don’t make waiting on duplicate keys or individualized secure key cards an added frustration. The Flying Locksmith can install an intuitive access control system to provide you with facilities management and control unmatched by the use of regular keys. You can get your new employees immediate access only to the areas they need, and lock or unlock doors from anywhere.

Your Organization is Worried About Security or Break-In – If you’ve had a break-in at your business or fired a recently disgruntled employee, how can you know that your business is secure? Even if employees have turned in their keys, is it possible that they’ve made copies before doing so? When keys go missing, for whatever reason, re-keying or replacing keys can be costly. An access control system can solve these problems by a quick updating of codes and cards.

Your Company’s Massive Keychain is Wasting Time – Do you or your employees carry around several pounds of metal in the form of keys for your building? Do your employees spend precious, unproductive minutes every day searching for the correct key to open their office doors and gain access to other areas of the building they need to complete their work? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you may need to contact a commercial locksmith to implement an electronic access control system for your business.

Your Current Access Control Framework is Obsolete – Hey, you’re on your game. You’ve had that fancy electronic access control system installed for years – since you opened your doors. That’s great news. But, you may want to look into the new technologies that have emerged since you installed your system. And, you also may want to investigate the likelihood that high-tech hackers may have found a way around your old system. Not only does The Flying Locksmiths have the latest advanced systems with new, integrated functions and improved performance, but we will work with you to adapt your existing system infrastructure and equipment to help reduce your upgrade cost.

Establish Your Company As a Contemporary Trendsetter – You’ve always had the “latest and greatest” when it comes to technology in your business. They why are you still using an access control system from 2005? You want to attract the most qualified, sought-after employees to your growing company. When important clients and guests visit your business, you want to impress them with the latest in security features. A high-tech and contemporary security system will not only make them feel safer, but it will also let them know that safety is a top priority for your company and that you stay current with the latest options for quality business security.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Access Control System?

Whether it’s the basic key or an old key card system, if you fall into any of the categories above, maybe it’s time to consider a new business security solution. The Flying Locksmiths is here to help. Contact us today for more information or to answer any questions about how and when to change your access control system at 1-800-649-5397. Choose The Flying Locksmiths for all of your business security needs and you will not be disappointed. Click here to find a location nearest you!