About Bank Vaults

When you need repairs, maintenance, rekeying, or other services for your bank vault, call the team at The Flying Locksmiths! TFL is proud to offer you our experienced team of vault repair and service specialists.  Bank Vaults have always been a intricate and specialized piece of the locksmith trade and TFL techs have centuries of combined experience to troubleshoot and repair all kinds of vaults. Our GSA certified physical security specialists across the country can open locked vaults, adjust doors, repair hinges, and remove/repair electric vault door motors. No job is too big or too small!

Bank Vaults

Need Help With a Bank Vault?

The Flying Locksmiths will even perform preventative maintenance (external cleaning) and servicing on your vault doors, to ensure that there are no complications or emergencies further down the line. TFL Physical Security Specialists service all types of vault doors, day gates, time locks, after hours depositories, cash lockers, currency counters and even safety deposit boxes.

If you or your primary vault contractor have certain protocols or regulations that need to be adhered too, the TFL team is happy to oblige. In order to maintain the protection and security of your facility, TFL is acutely aware that warranties cannot be compromised and ensures that optimal performance metrics are being obtained. Each of our vault programs can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

There are an incredible amount of benefits to being proactive when it comes to your bank vault and locking mechanisms. TFL will help you see those benefits by keeping your bank vaults operating as efficiently as possible and prolonging the life of those vaults, while ensuring they reach their full potential. A properly cleaned and well-maintained vault exudes confidence to your clients as it showcases your commitment to security and standards.

Additional Services For Safes

While most locksmiths are not necessarily equipped to handle intricate safe openings, many of our TFL locations are! Our teams utilize an internal network, to share photos, drill points, safe opening techniques and many other pieces of valuable safe information –  to make opening safes and working on safes easier and more efficient. The ability for a TFL Commercial Locksmith and Door Security Specialist, to call on 200 other safe experts across the country, means our resources are unparalleled and unmatched in our industry. If you have a safe that is giving you trouble, or you want to convert a dial in an electronic combination, we have the knowledge to get it done.