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The Kaba Mass X-10 Combination Lock

The Kaba Mass X-10 is the most popular choice of combination lock lock for government agencies and for good reason! With an almost impenetrable defense and self generated power featuring a fully illuminated LED display, Kaba Mas has set the standard for security.

Approved by the GSA for use on approved Class 5 and Class 6 Filing Cabinets and Class 5 Vault Doors.  The X-10 was developed in conjunction with the US Government and meets FF-L-2740 – Revision B.  FF-L-2740B is the US Government’s highest security standard for container locks and doors and the X-10 is only lock approved for “Style 1” applications.

Certified on X-10

The Flying Locksmiths are proud to service/install/troubleshoot the X-10 High Security Combination Lock. The Kaba Mas X-10 is an incredible locking product, manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky by Kaba Mas. With over a million X-10’s sold, Kaba Mas has fortified itself as the “brand name” when it comes to U.S Government combination and have continually proven the locks quality, durability and reliability. As Physical Security Specialists, the Flying Locksmiths undergo specific training to certify themselves to be able to assist with anything X-10 related.

Due to the latest revision of the FF-L-2740, the X-10 was developed. This revision is the U.S. Government’s highest security standard for combination locks used to protect Classified and National Security Information and it now specifies some very specific requirements, which the X-10 satisfies. Requirement #1 states the lock is to be self-powered and the X-10 does exactly that. Power is generated to the unit, when the dial is being turned, meaning in a power failure, this combination lock will still operate the door! For that reason, the X-10 is approved for use on all GSA Approved Security Containers and Vault Doors and TFL is approved to service them.

Another great feature is the new backlit display. Unlike the previous versions (like the X-08 or X-09) the X-10 is equipped with a built in LCD. By simply turning the dial, the screen will light up and allow you to see much easier when dialing in the combination. An ulterior light source is no longer needed and that can be highly important in an emergency. The backlit display was approved by the General Services Administration (GSA).

National Stock Numbers

National Stock Numbers (NSN)
The X-10 can be ordered directly from the Government through either the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) or from the General Services Administration (GSA). Each agency has its own NSN – as follows:

DLA NSN: 5340-01-625-9851

GSA NSN: 5340-01-613-2078

Or, if you prefer – The Flying Locksmiths can source the product for you as well. Contact us below!


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