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X10 & LKM 7000

High Security And Life Safety

Kaba Mas is one of the most recognized names in high security locks worldwide. These locks are the preferred choice of the US government, laboratories, and sensitive information facilities. Many businesses in the private sector also need this extra layer of security. Kaba Mas locks are also ideal for vaults, automated teller machines, trucks, and so much more. The specialists at the Flying Locksmiths are proud partners of Kaba Mas and we are excited to bring you their most innovative locking mechanisms, the X10 and the LKM 7000 series.

The X10 and the LKM 7000 are designed to work in conjunction with each other. The LKM 7000 is the rim handle and the X10 is a high-tech combination lock. Our technicians are X10 & LKM 7000 certified locksmiths trained in the installation and servicing of the Kaba Mas X09, X10 and LKM7000. Our team can install these GSA approved locksets on Class 5 and Class 6 file cabinets and Class 5 security vault doors quickly, professionally and within budget.

Simple, Secure & Reliable

The X10 lock has all of the advantages of an electronic locking system without the need for batteries or outside power sources. This means that it will be impossible for an intruder to break through using an electronic device. In addition to the X10 combination lock, the LKM 7000 can also be equipped with extra security measures, such as a fob key or intercom system.

Operating the X10 lock could not be easier. Simply rotate the dial to power it on and enter the combination.

The LKM 7000 rim handle is built strong to resist power tools. The strikes in the LKM 7000 are constructed of stainless steel, which has three times the durability of traditional bronze strikes. Unlike many high security locking systems, you can exit the room protected by the LKM 7000 in a single motion. All that you have to do is push or pull the lever and walk out the door! All of this is achieved without making any sacrifice to your security.

Only Trust A Specialized Installer

Installing the LKM 7000 and X10 locking systems is a delicate process. If these electromechanical locks are installed by anyone other than a certified trained locksmith, it is almost a guarantee that something will go wrong and the lock will be rendered virtually useless. Even something as small as the static electricity from walking across the carpet could compromise your security!

These locks require a professional installer that is available from a Flying Locksmith team near you. Whether you represent the military, government, or are a civilian contractor, we have what you need. We stock multiple pre-made units that can be installed in a moment’s notice. We also stock the variable strike plates and miscellaneous parts that may be needed to complete each unique install.


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