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Amazon Key For Business: Why Your Property Should Use It

Amazon Key has launched a new product called Amazon Key for Business to serve commercial properties including apartment complexes, condos, and business offices with a more secure and cost-effective solution for package deliveries. With the help of commercial security experts like our certified team at the Flying Locksmiths, you can install Amazon Key For Business at your property to streamline package delivery for your employees and tenants in an efficient and secure manner.

Commercial Package Delivery Problems

As a commercial property, the delivery of packages to your tenants or employees can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. Common solutions involve investing resources in mailroom staff or coordinating package delivery with tenants and workers. The problem with these systems is they are costly and often lead to missed deliveries or practicing bad facility security. To maintain security at your facility during package deliveries you are generally forced to choose between letting your tenants’ and employees’ packages be unsecured outside the building or wasting 10+ minutes of property manager time coordinating and retrieving packages at the door.

Apartment Complexes and Condos

Common package delivery issues associated with apartments and condos include:

  • Delivery personnel unable to access apartment complex entryways
  • Delivery personnel unable to access elevators that lead to a mailroom
  • Cost of staff needing to work mailroom operations
  • Coordinating delivery drop-off between tenant and delivery personnel leading to delayed delivery

Business Offices

Commercial properties face unique challenges concerning package delivery at the workplace. It can be difficult trying to manage efficiency while still maintaining proper office security measures. Difficulties include:

  • Office reception area closed when the delivery driver arrives
  • Expenses of maintaining a fully functioning mailroom
  • The inefficiency of manually allowing access for every delivery
  • Security threat of unmonitored delivery personnel accessing your facility

How Amazon Key For Business Works

The system involves a professional security specialist installing Amazon’s proprietary smart fob unit on designated access ways at a facility within the property’s access control system. It can integrate seamlessly with an existing commercial access system. From there it’s a pretty simple process.

  • When a driver arrives with a package they request access to the entryway through the Amazon Flex App.
  • The driver scans a barcode on the package and the system verifies the associate’s details, along with building location and timestamp of access
  • The entryway is digitally unlocked giving the driver time-bounded access. This can be paired with security cameras to monitor in live time or have recordings of each drop-off
  • The driver delivers the package to the appropriate location (lobby, mailroom, tenant doorstep) and then exits. The system relocks automatically

Benefits of Amazon Key For Business

The system has already proven great returns on investment simply from the resources saved from not requiring mailroom work. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of tenant or worker package theft
  • A selling point for apartment complexes to potential tenants
  • Reduced costs associated with having full-time mailroom workers
  • Increased efficiency from not manually granting access to the delivery personnel
  • Increase security protocol compliance
  • Complete record log of who accessed your facility and when

Contact The Flying Locksmiths To Get Started

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