Commerical security camera.

Does My Business Need A Video Surveillance System?

Have you been considering a video surveillance system to protect your business? Many business owners are hesitant to invest in a video security system and are unsure if the benefits would be worth the setup.

The good news is that commercial video systems are easier to set up than ever before, and there’s a wide range of price options. Security cameras provide businesses unique advantages that for some businesses are a must. 


Video surveillance doesn’t just reduce theft, but it also reduces attempts at theft, which means less damaged property and fewer stolen goods. Thieves are less likely to try stealing from a business if they notice security cameras; in fact, they probably won’t try at all. It can also help reduce incidents of armed robbery, for similar reasons giving your employees and customers a stronger sense of security while in your facility.

Also, don’t forget that a significant portion of theft comes from employees themselves, who will also be more reluctant to try stealing business property if they know that there are active cameras around. Prevention can be a very powerful tool! Businesses that carry highly valued inventory or have lots of employees with access to company assets are at a higher risk of theft. Investing in a security camera within a commercial facility is really a no brainer. 

Additionally, insurance companies like to see video surveillance systems, especially when it comes to retail storefronts, inventory management, and similar cases. Call up your insurer or take a closer look at their plans, and you will probably find potential discounts for setting up a proper video surveillance system. Small bonuses like these reduce costs and add more back to your business’s bottom line. 


Speaking of employees and video cameras, surveillance systems also have another surprising benefit — they can often increase productivity in the workplace. Of course, camera footage is rarely, if ever, used to make sure that employees and hired service people (cleaning staff, etc.) are actually working, but the fact that the foot exists still makes a difference. People are less likely to dawdle, waste time, break company rules, and extend their breaks too long if they can glance up and see a video camera. Worst comes to worst, having recorded footage of employee behavior can assist with disciplinary action and/or save company money if talk of lawsuits begins to arise.  


Most commercial video systems use the internet to provide real-time video streaming. That means you can log into your video cameras and watch live footage any time you want, anywhere you are — as long as you have an internet connection on your phone or computer. This helps worried business owners on vacation (we’ve all been there) and allows you to check up on important shipments or activities even if you aren’t on-site.

In many cases security cameras assist with the actual operation of a business such as a storage facility that grants access to customers’ vehicles or a business office granting access to package delivery workers. Security cameras can also be programmed to record specific events in a facility such as an Amazon Delivery driver accessing an apartment complex to drop off a package on a tenant’s doorstep. Recording the behavior of non-employees within your facility gives you an added layer of protection and ease of mind.

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