Security camera at a commercial facility.

Best Practices For Video Surveillance at Your Business

Protecting the assets of your business, as well as your employees or customers should always be a high priority for any business owner or manager. Implementing a video surveillance system is a critical step in preventing robberies, employee theft, or assault incidences. Follow these best practices to make sure your security system is optimized and doing the most for you.

Cover heavily trafficked areas

Covering all your entrances and exits ensures you can always get coverage of everyone entering your facility while also covering the most heavily trafficked areas. Always avoid cameras in private areas such as changing rooms or restrooms while maintaining as much coverage of your facility as possible.

Out of reach

Always keep the camera up and out of reach to prevent people from tampering or impeding the camera’s vision. If installed too high, however, it can prevent the coverage of the camera so always find a distance that is out of reach but still maintains good coverage of individuals in or outside of the facility.

Cover the perimeter

Include cameras on every side of the building so that the entire perimeter is covered. Always know what is going on at your facility with 360-degree monitoring.

Security Assessment

Finding vulnerabilities at your facility is our business. The Flying Locksmiths are happy to audit your facility’s security and install fully optimized surveillance security. Contact our team online or give us a call to learn more!