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The Benefits Of Video Surveillance In The Workplace

Using video cameras in the workplace has been a subject of debate among employers and employees. Employees sometimes share concerns over being watched or monitored at work and view it as an invasion of their privacy. However, employers typically use video surveillance as a way to deter theft, vandalism and other incidents that can put employees and the company itself at risk. These are some of the ways in which this type of surveillance system can protect those in the workplace while also boosting productivity.

Lower Risk of Theft and Robberies

If you run a business that has a higher risk of theft or robberies, such as a financial business, a jewelry store or another type of retail store, having video cameras on the premises can help reduce the risk of break-ins and armed robberies. Even if a theft or robbery occurs, having video surveillance can make it easier to catch the criminals responsible.

Protection For Parking Areas, Back Alleys, And Loading Docks

Video cameras can help keep areas that aren’t usually watched closely secure. This type of surveillance helps deter intruders in loading dock areas, which can help keep merchandise and other supplies on trucks from being stolen. Having this kind of security in parking areas has the added benefit of keeping customers as well as employees safer as they exit and enter your business. If your company opens onto a back alley, video cameras can keep employees safe whether they use this exit to leave and enter or use it for throwing out garbage. These cameras help discourage intruders from loitering around in these areas.

Employee Dispute Resolution

Video surveillance does more than keep employees and property safe. It can also prove to be an effective way to boost productivity and morale in the workplace, such as when disputes occur between employees. Video camera footage can be used to provide evidence of what occurred in order to resolve these disputes efficiently and fairly.

Visitor Screening

Businesses with an administrative staff that is responsible for buzzing in visitors or having them sign in can benefit from having video cameras installed at the front entrance. These cameras allow administrative staff to monitor who they are letting in and ensure that all guests sign in as directed.

Stock Room Monitoring

Businesses that have stockrooms filled with office supplies or merchandise can help reduce the risk of theft by installing video cameras just outside the door. Cameras can also be installed inside stock rooms if they are very large areas with multiple aisles. This type of surveillance deters both employees and intruders from stealing items that are stored in these rooms.

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