Commerical warehouse security camera system.

Preventing Employee Theft

As important as it is to prevent people outside your business from stealing from it, employee theft is a concern for businesses across the country. According to CNBC, employee theft costs businesses as much as $50 billion each year. Fortunately, business owners can take a few steps to monitor employees and deter employee theft. Take a look at five of the top ways you can prevent employee theft and the security investments that will provide the most ROI.

  1. Install Multiple CamerasInstall plenty of cameras and make sure they can be seen by employees to deter theft.
  2. Monitor Access & Inventory Areas – Point cameras at your access areas and places where you keep expensive equipment and inventory so you can see who comes and goes.
  3. Change Locks as Needed – Any time an employee leaves your business for good, change the locks. You can also  to reduce the expense and inconvenience of constantly changing locks.
  4. Take Advantage of Remote Viewing – Even if you can’t physically be at your business to monitor security, remote cameras can enable you to keep an eye on things from afar.
  5. Invest in Security Software – Make sure your business is protected from digital attacks and fraudulent transactions with the latest security software.

If you want to deal with or deter employee theft but feel overwhelmed by the options available to you, a great first step is investing in security cameras. Cameras in this day and age are competitively priced and have all kinds of functions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Placing a few cameras in sensitive areas can be a great way to prevent employee theft before it happens.

Give your team at The Flying Locksmiths a call to discuss the latest advancements in the security industry and how they can be customized to suit your business or office. We would be happy to give you tips about what you can do day to day to deter employee theft, and we are always available to install security cameras and other technology to keep your business safe