Boxes and packages next to front door during holiday christmas season.

How to Prevent Package Theft


The last few years have seen a marked increase in package delivery around the holiday season. The increase in popularity of online shopping was already contributing to this, but it will certainly skyrocket in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the frequency and volume of packages delivery increasing, so will package theft. Here are some steps you can take to reduce and prevent theft of your holiday gifts.


These systems can run 24/7 and all of the elements (wires, cameras, and computers) are all connected to one another. No one can access the footage unless they have access to the controlling center of the system. This is a great way to see if there was any suspicious activity around your business or even to see if someone stole a package from your front porch at home. There are systems available for both commercial and residential use, but there are a variety of options in each category.

For instance, you can choose between wired or wireless cameras. The benefit of wired cameras is that they are less likely to have connectivity issues and are more reliable than wireless cameras. The wires also bring power to the cameras as well as a steady signal to connect to the system. But the downside is that installing the wires will be timely and costly. Sometimes you will have to thread them underground or in walls for a long distance. Wireless cameras can be beneficial because there is less set up and they are easier to place. However, wireless cameras usually require a wifi connection and most likely will run off of battery power. You will need to replace the batteries regularly and if you have issues with connectivity for the internet, you can run into reliability issues.


A smart lock system is an easy solution for homeowners to have ultimate control over who can enter or exit their home, directly from their smartphone. This option can even allow for packages to be delivered inside the residence. Many smart lock systems will send notifications directly to your smartphone regarding who is at your front door. Guests can even call the owner right from the lock! Often, a microphone and/or camera system allows the owner to verify the guest at their door so you can decide who may or may not enter. Using a smart lock system allows you, the owner, to give delivery personnel access to deposit packages inside your residence or business, leaving them out of reach of potential thieves.


Avoid having packages delivered unless you will be home. Instead, you should opt to pick them up from the carrier. Security experts urge homeowners every holiday season to be cautious and aware of their surroundings at all times. If you have expensive-looking boxes, packages, or gifts to unload from your car, try to do it in the evening when it’s darker so it’s less obvious to would-be burglars. Since unloading gifts at night could be dangerous, be sure to have someone with you. If you are by yourself, try to park in your garage and unload everything after closing your garage door. This increased privacy could make a huge difference in your holiday outcome.


If your tree is next to a window, maybe you could consider another place in your home this year. Place your packages out of sight of wandering eyes and bring them out the night before Christmas.


No matter how you’re planning to improve security for your home or business around the holidays, your first step should always be to call The Flying Locksmiths.