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Essential Security Tips for Assisted Living Facilities

The health and safety of residents at a long-term care facility is always the top priority of its managers. Security should be a focus not just externally, but inside the facility, as well. Fortunately, new advancements in security technology have made it possible to keep long-term care facility residents even more secure, enhancing both their safety and their families’ peace of mind. 

The Flying Locksmiths proudly provides security solutions for healthcare facilities across the United States. Whether you want to increase security around the perimeter of the facility or for each patient inside, we can customize solutions to meet your goals. Take a look below at some solutions for areas of concern and call us to get started! 

Identify and Secure Exit Points

Residents of long-term care facilities often struggle with memory issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. They may not remember where they are and may try to leave, risking their safety. Creating limited exit points for memory care units and using key fobs, keypads, and card access systems to control who goes in and out can ensure a more secure environment for those with memory loss. Controlled locking doors and door alarms can prevent unplanned exits and sound an alarm if such exits occur. 

Secure & Surveil Entry Points 

Staff members and visitors should be able to enter the facility as needed but in a controlled manner. While visits will someday be allowed once again, secure entry points are especially important during the time of COVID-19. Plus, deterring trespassers should always be part of your entrance safety plan. 

Security camera systems, an intercom system that notifies staff members of anyone at the perimeter, and double-entry doors will ensure that you can keep an eye on anyone entering the facility. 

Create a Fire Safety Plan 

In any facility, fire alarms are essential to notify everyone in the building about impending threats from smoke or fire. However, they are even more vital for long-term care facilities, as many of the residents will have limited mobility and there will likely be combustible medical equipment on the premises. We can put together a fire safety plan that takes all of these elements into account and will keep you, your residents, and your staff members safe. 

Utilize In-Room Safety Systems 

Often, residents of long-term care facilities need additional safety measures to remain completely safe in their rooms. Beds with motion sensors, safety necklaces or bands, and other monitoring technology can alert staff members of any issues as soon as they happen or even prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Let Us Make Your Facility More Secure 

Whether you want us to start a new security system from scratch or you need us to enhance your existing system, call The Flying Locksmiths today! We can make it easier to keep your property safe so that your staff members can fully focus on your residents’ needs. From intercoms, access control systems, and master key systems to video cameras and fire safety systems, we are ready to bring your long-term care facility’s security plan to the next level.