Commercial storefront door.

Five Ways to Maintain Your Commercial Doors

The entry doors to your business need to be functional and aesthetically appealing to give customers confidence in your operations and protect your property from break-ins. Secure commercial doors are an important investment, and every business owner needs to take great care not only to choose the right doors but to continue to maintain them.

Make sure your commercial doors last as long as possible by following these tips for commercial door maintenance!

  1. Keep the Area Clear – While you may be tempted to decorate your entryway, we suggest keeping this area clear to avoid damage to your doors.
  2. Install Door Bumpers – Door bumpers are a minor feature but will lengthen the life of your commercial doors and keep them from banging into the exterior of your building over and over again.
  3. Seal & Insulate – If the seal around your commercial doors has cracked over time, we suggest replacing it as soon as possible so that your doors stay in good shape and so the interior of your business stays insulated.
  4. Professional Door Maintenance – Whether you’ve noticed that your doors are misaligned or you simply want us to give them a once-over every so often, we’re always here to help with routine door maintenance.
  5. Start with HighQuality Doors – One of the most obvious ways you can enjoy fully functional commercial doors for years to come is to buy them from the best in the business and have that same top-notch crew install them!

At The Flying Locksmiths, we can make sure your commercial doors are ready to handle heavy traffic and the elements. We would be happy to provide you with a secure door that lasts for years to come. Turn to us for all of your commercial door installation and maintenance needs! We can get you started with a free assessment or quote if you contact us today.