Hands-free access at office.

Hands-Free Entry At Your Business

Hands-Free Entry At Your Business

Door handles can be some of the most germ-infested objects at your office or store. Almost every employee or customer that enters your facility has to contact your door handle, potentially spreading viral germs between individuals. In this time when viruses like the Coronavirus present a real danger to so many, having a sanitary, hands-free way for people to access your facility is very important.

Foot/Arm Pulls & Push Plates

Many businesses are implementing new devices to their doors to limit exposure between their employees and customers. Devices such as arm or foot pulls prevent contact of an individual’s hands on the door. Similarly, a push plate allows individuals to use their elbow or their backside to open doors preventing contact with their hands. Not only do the hands often come in contact with germs from coughs or sneezing but they also are commonly the reason germs spread to the face and enter the body. Simple solutions like this can significantly limit exposure to germs and viruses. 

Automatic Doors

For some businesses, doors are constantly being accessed all day long. Not only is the spread of germs a concern but outdated doorway access systems can slow down workflow and cause bottlenecks. In these cases, automatic doors can kill two birds with one stone. A door that slides or swings open without the need for contact with an individual’s hands can increase facility efficiencies and be a virus-safe solution to building access.

At the Flying Locksmiths, our job is to make your facility as secure and safe as possible for your employees and customers. Contact the experts at the Flying Locksmiths today and we can help you find the perfect touch-free access solution for your business.