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How Commercial Security Systems Can Impact Your Bottom Line


When businesses consider what might be impacting their bottom line, they may glance over the security systems in their buildings. This is a mistake, as professionally installed commercial security hardware can actually have a dramatic impact on a business’s finances.


Let’s say you have let’s say you have installed the cheapest “economy brand” hydraulic device (called a “door closer”) to automatically close the back door of your building. You have had this device installed for efficiency, safety and security, because you know that leaving the back door unsecured could lead to theft and other security issues. But what do you need out of your device for this “budget” purchase to make financial sense?

What are the hardware expectations?
At a minimum, you anticipate the door will open and close reliably every time. You expect the door to latch to stop uninvited “guests” from entering, and to prevent opportunistic theft (remember, most people steal spontaneously because they see opportunities like open doors and valuables left in plain sight).

What could happen when your hardware fails?

What if the hardware fails to operate as advertised and the door does not latch? How much could you lose? While it is impossible to know exactly how much could be lost due to underperforming security hardware, most business owners would agree that any loss prevented is a good thing for the company. But loss doesn’t just come from thefts. Increased energy expenses, safety issues and other costs can all have an impact on a business’s bottom line.

What kind of return can properly installed security hardware provide?

When trying to figure out the ROI of properly installed security hardware, don’t get too caught up on the impossible-to-answer “what-ifs.” Think of it this way – how much more would it cost you if your “economy brand” solution doesn’t work? Not only will you potentially lose money due to theft and inefficiency, but you’ll also likely end up shelling out again to upgrade to the security system that you should have installed in the first place. When you consider potential losses like this, investing in proper security hardware can have a return of ten times or more, whereas the budget solution can end up being a useless sunk cost.


Identifying weak spots in your business’s physical security is the first step to improving your overall system and mitigating potential financial loss.

Once you have found weak points in your security, it is important to call in a professional locksmith company to help you identify what hardware is needed to fix the vulnerabilities. The Flying Locksmiths are proud to offer security solutions ranging from door closers to patented key control IC Cores to businesses across the United States. To learn more about how we can help you improve the physical security of your business, give us a call at 1-800-649-5397!