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How to Return to Work Safely

For the last year, many of us (including our own customer service team) have been working from the safety of our homes, to avoid exposure to COVID and other germs and viruses!

As we begin the return to our workplaces, employees are expecting employers to consider everything we’ve learned in the past year and apply it to our daily lives for a cleaner and healthier workplace. This includes thorough sanitation plans, exposure plans, and quarantine arrangements. All of this can seem overwhelming to organize and track but that is where biometric identity management can step in to assist. 

Biometric identity management can be used by all employees who need access to shared rooms, materials, and equipment. A palm scan or facial recognition can track employees throughout their day, great for time and attendance management. They can also be leveraged in the event of an outbreak where specific lockdown protocols can be applied for only those who were exposed. 

Biometric access control technology has advanced features to restrict and monitor user aspects such as user body temperature or the presence of a mask while users are as far as 8 feet away. Proper mitigation and proactive intervention will reduce labor costs and the likelihood of shutdown in the event of an outbreak amongst your employees. These advanced technologies give businesses the most opportunity to protect their staff and customers. Contact a Flying Locksmith location today to learn how we can integrate biometric access control into your workplace as workers to return to your office.