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Inside a Flying Locksmith Van

Ever wonder what’s inside of a Flying Locksmith van?

Keys and locks right?

Well, yes, but there is also some really nifty machinery, that our technicians use to solve all sorts of door related issues. You might actually be amazed by the amount of equipment, that can be mounted inside these vans. This equipment allows our locksmiths to service almost anything they encounter on a daily basis. Take a look for yourself:

Inside every Flying Locksmith van in our fleet, is three machines, each powered by a special power-inverter, that is connected to the van’s battery.

The first is a simple bench grinder, in order to grind down keys and tend to various other repairs. There is also a wire brush wheel, for removing brass and other debris from keys, to ensure they will not get stuck inside the lock.

The second is a small key duplicator, which you most likely knew, was inside. The key duplicator is small and lightweight because it actually doesn’t get as much use as you think! Our locksmith shop does most of the key cutting, so our vans don’t have too. We even create “Pre-Cut” keys, ahead of time, so we can keyup locks to them and get the job finished quicker for our customers.

The third is an ITL machine. What is an ITL machine? It sounds like something from The Terminator Movies, but SkyNet didn’t build it, so don’t worry. An ITL machine will cut keys by factory specifications. This means, when we pin your locks to factory specifications and cut your keys to the same specifications, everything works PERFECTLY! Key duplication is slightly unreliable and if you can ever do anything by factory specifications, why wouldn’t you?

We rely on these machines to create the majority of keys that are processed on the road. We do not want our customers “jiggling” keys or having any difficulty whatsoever when operating their locks.

We also stock a large variety of keys and locks, inside the vans racking system. Clearly, space is limited, but we keep a handful of the most common items. So, unless you have a key blank that is very old or from another country, we have it covered. But if you need 100 copies, you will have to get additional made at our shop.

Now that you know what’s inside and see some of our cool locksmith equipment, why not let us go to work for you? Contact Us with any questions and let us show you how our locksmith van setup makes our service that much better!