Keyless entry system for your business.

Keyless Entry Systems: Why They’re Ideal For Your Business


Everybody knows that a standard lock & key is very straightforward: You put the key into the lock and turn it to gain access to your business. But not everyone is aware that there’s now a new alternative available to the standard lock and key are known as keyless entry systems, which includes fobs, key cards, and other Bluetooth®- enabled locks. These electronic access control systems are ideal for businesses that require a higher level of security in order to gain access to the premises. Similarly, an ideal key management solution for vacation rental properties, landlords, and property managers.

What is a Key Fob?

A key fob or proximity fob as it’s also called is a small security token that comes with built-in authentication that either grants or denies access to the building. Most of us drive vehicles that allow us to remotely lock and unlock the doors. Key fobs are similar to this except they’re much more advanced. Due to these enhanced security features, key fob lock systems are becoming popular among business owners alike.

What is a Keypad?

Another keyless entry system is the keypad lock. With this lock, you use your own individual keypad code in order to enter your business with just an easy combination of a few buttons. This system is popular as it grants you greater control over those that have access to your establishment. With a keypad entry system, you can assign a temporary keypad code to someone requiring entry to your business and then delete it afterward. With a keypad lock, say goodbye to the need for keys!

What is a Bluetooth® Keyless Entry Lock?

A Bluetooth® Keyless Entry Lock is one of the strongest and most intelligent security systems available. This deadbolt lock allows you to enter your business using either an access code or your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. These systems are the most advanced locks on the market and allow you to talk to unlock your door using Siri® on any of your Apple devices. This lock system is simple, easy to use, and stylish.

How Businesses Benefit From Keyless Entry Systems

A traditional key and lock system makes it easy for thieves to gain access to a business as all they need to do is acquire a key, get a copy made, and then they’re in. But keyless entry systems don’t use keys. When a keyless lock is installed at a business, every employee is issued a code, fob, or card that has been programmed to give him or her access to the building. This type of system can even restrict access to certain times of the day and record logs of employees trying to enter after hours. The business owner can easily make any necessary changes to the system in real-time, making this lock & key alternative very convenient. Keyless locks offer a higher level of security, giving business owners the peace of mind knowing that their premises are always safe & secure.

As an added benefit of the key fob solutions and Bluetooth enabled systems, including the proper door hardware, can make these keyless entry systems also a touchless entry solution as well. Depending on the door hardware, these systems can have added protection from the spread of viruses (such as Covid-19) by preventing exposure between customers and employees on doorknobs or handles.

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