Keys lost in a park.

Lost Keys: What To Do And How To Find Them

Losing your keys is one of the easiest and also most frustrating mishaps. You can easily drop or misplace your keys under a chair, couch cushion, or the seat of a subway train and it can quickly become a major hassle. This is frustrating and jeopardizes the safety of your house or office building. Beyond this, it can severely interfere with your daily activities and become a major headache. So what should you do when you first realized you don’t know where your keys are?


The first step is obvious. Think of the last place you remember having them and check in the immediate area. When keys are lost 95% of the time you can find them by asking these questions and looking in the respective areas.

  • Did you have them in your pocket when you left your house? 
  • Did you need them to access your current location (drive a car, access office door)?
  • Did you check all the places you sat (car seat, office desk, conference room seat, lunch table, park bench)?
  • Did you leave them on a table during a meeting or while eating a meal?
  • Did you leave them on a bus, subway, or ride-sharing seat?

If your car keys are apart of your key chain and you drove to your current location chances are they are not far from where you are now. If you tend to keep the keys in your pocket, check the last places you were seated. Keys have a tendency to slide out of your pocket at your seat and they might just be under an office desk or in between couch cushions.

If you took a taxi, subway, bus, or some kind of ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft) consider if you left them in your seat. In the case of taxi or ride-sharing, a few calls can resolve your situation usually pretty painlessly. In the case of subways or buses, a few calls might not make a difference and your home or business security might become at risk. Similarly, if you lose the keys down the drain, into a body of water, or simply cannot find them anywhere it is important to take the right steps to replace them and keep your home and office safe.


If you have lost your keys and know for a fact they were not destroyed then that means that someone else could potentially have your keys. For the security of your business or home, it is important that you change your locks as soon as possible. If you would like to keep the old locks you also have the option to simply rekey the locks. It is important to note that between the time of rekeying the lock or changing the lock you are susceptible to brake-ins and adding extra security measures in between those times may be advisable.


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