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Door Knobs

Door knobs for every situation

A door knob is something we have all used at least once in our lifetime. It’s very simple, just turn the door knob (which retracts the latch) and either push or pull the door open. No one thinks much about it, or how they work or why they are a hugely important piece of a doors physical security makeup.

Well, TFL’s Physical Security Specialists do! A door knob is just as critical a component of a door, as the frame, deadbolt or door itself.

The First Point of Contact

A door knob is the first point of contact the door has with the frame.

Most doors that have a door knob installed, have a deadbolt lock above it. If it does not, your door may be at risk – but please visit our deadbolt installation page for more information on that subject. The actual door “latches” because of the door knob. Without that door knob, your door would open or shut with the slightest of breezes! It is an incredible simple, but extremely important door component.

Door knobs also come in several different functions:

Entry – A door knob with a button on the inside and key access on the outside.

Storeroom – A door knob with no button on the inside and key access on the outside.

Privacy – Used mostly on bathrooms, this door knob has a button on the inside but does not require a key on the outside and can be opened with anything long enough to fit in the hole.

Passage – A non-locking door knob, that simply latches the door and does not lock.

Depending on your door and you circumstances, it is important to choose the right door knob. While some lower grade locks found at hardware stores may be fine for your interior doors, you want to make sure that your exterior doors are not vulnerable. Invest in your security and contact The Flying Locksmiths to get the highest grade hardware available for your price point.


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