Security camera at a commercial facility.

Retail Store Surveillance Cameras

Shoplifting and employee theft are two of the top threats facing retail businesses and their yearly profits. One of your best tools in the fight against internal and external theft is surveillance equipment. Surveillance cameras can allow you to monitor what happens at your business, day or night, whether or not you’re able to be physically present at the time.

While surveillance cameras have been around for decades, many businesses have yet to upgrade their security and so don’t benefit from the capabilities offered by this technology. Take a look below at the best practices for surveillance cameras on your property and how we can help.

List Your Security Threats – In addition to theft, many businesses face the possibility of vandalism. Even if you only have one location and plan to be there during all business hours, you can’t be on-site 24/7. Surveillance cameras give you the ability to monitor everything that’s going on at your business, no matter the time of day.

Figure Out Which Features You Need – These days, security cameras provide a long list of features that can be used to benefit your business. Cameras can come with the ability to view footage at night as well as during the day and come in high definition so that you have more clarity with your surveillance footage. Remote access may be important to you, as well as scalability to adjust your system as your business grows.

Decide Where to Put Your Cameras – Security cameras should be placed at entrances and exits at a minimum. You should also include them in the parking lot and high-traffic areas for safety reasons. To protect your property and revenue, also point cameras where valuable equipment, merchandise and cash registers are located.

From selecting the right kind of cameras to placing them throughout your property, The Flying Locksmiths can help add surveillance cameras to protect your business from theft and create a safer place for you, your employees and your customers.