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7 Signs Your Security Camera System Is Outdated

Your security system is one of the most critical parts of your building – responsible for keeping you and your employees safe. One aspect of your system, your security surveillance system, is especially important for keeping an eye on the entirety of your business and providing a record of anything that goes on. For that reason, you need to be sure you’re keeping your system updated and in good condition to constantly watch over your property. Here are seven signs that your security camera system is outdated and needs to be replaced.

Blurry Resolution

If you’re still using analog security cameras or cameras that only provide up to 720p, you’ll know that your surveillance system’s greatest weakness is blurry resolution. This was a common problem for early security cameras and a significant hurdle for identifying intruders and employees. While many still expect this low resolution from their security cameras, modern-day cameras provide a much clearer picture.

If you have modern cameras, but the resolution has become blurry over time, it may be caused by damage. In this case, you could have experts come out and repair your cameras, but you should consider whether it would be a wiser investment to upgrade your system. Technology evolves faster than anyone is prepared for, and even a few years can make a massive difference in the quality of your surveillance systems. The clearer the picture, the more secure your business will be, and the easier time you’ll have identifying intruders and other threats trying to get in.

Third-Party Software

Another problem with older cameras is that they often rely on third-party software. Rarely do these third-party programs compare to the readily available software offered by the camera manufacturer that gives you greater control over your camera’s software and operates far better. Such software will have no compatibility issues with your camera surveillance systems and ensure the features and functions of your camera are operating at their most efficient.

No Two-Way Audio

All the alarm systems in the world are rendered moot if no one’s there to be alerted. Ensuring your cameras have two-way audio not only allows modern cameras to show you the condition of your business no matter where you are, but the two-way audio will also ensure you’re alerted the moment something happens. This will allow you to act fast, broadcasting your voice to scare off the intruder, communicate with your employees, and more. This may sound like a small detail, but there’s nothing worse than only being able to look on helplessly while trouble is occurring, and a warning is needed.

Traditional Wired Cameras

When setting up your security cameras, there is almost no getting around the fact that you need to connect your surveillance system to your network video recorder through physical cables. While wireless cameras exist, they are primarily used for residential homes and are not the best option for protecting your professional property. But even with professional, wired security cameras, you still run the risk of potential tampering without the proper preventive measures.

One of the most common methods commercial properties utilize is encasing the camera in a transparent dome. This shielding prevents vandalism from significantly damaging the camera itself, and if there is any vandalism, it’s a simple fix to replace the dome instead of the whole camera. You may also want to consider upgrading your security camera wiring to Cat6 cables if you don’t already have them. Refreshing your wiring system will ensure that your security cameras don’t malfunction due to wear and tear.

Lacking Digital Zoom

The placement of your camera is something of an art form. You want a location where your camera can survey as much of the area as possible while still being able to distinguish individuals. The further back you place your cameras, the more you can see, but in progressively lesser detail.

That’s why digital zoom is considered a popular and essential feature in modern cameras and the greatest argument for replacing analog cameras. While digital zoom features aren’t quite like the movies where you can shout “enhance!” for a crystal-clear image, the digital zoom function allows you to focus on a specific area of your camera’s field of view. This will enable you to place your cameras wherever they have the best view while allowing you to get up close and personal to identify those who enter your business and other minute details.

No Software Support

This is a huge one. If your camera systems are no longer receiving software or firmware updates, then chances are your camera system is no longer being supported by the manufacturer. This can make it challenging to keep your cameras in their best condition as wear and tear begins to set in, and software issues become exacerbated without being fixed.

To ensure you get the help you need when something goes wrong, you want to upgrade your cameras to a more recent supported model. This will ensure you can call for help and have minor damage and bugs repaired without issue. Keep in mind that if this occurs, your camera system is incredibly outdated and should be an urgent warning that it’s time to upgrade.

Modern Day Features

The last sign your security system is outdated is when there are features on the market that would be incredibly beneficial to your business. As we’ve mentioned, technology is advancing incredibly fast, and security systems are constantly improving. Today, you can get surveillance cameras with features like:

  • Low-Light Recording
  • Night Vision
  • Cloud Storage
  • Motion Activation
  • Remote Monitoring
  • HD Video Capture

With so many features available, it can be difficult to decide which surveillance camera features are right for your business. Contact us at The Flying Locksmiths, and our professionals will provide you with the expert advice and information you need to make the most informed decision. Furthermore, we offer services that can help install and set up an efficient, effective security camera system for your business that integrates into your other security systems.

7 Signs Your Security Camera System Is Outdated