Smart lock on doorway handle.

The Locksmith Evolution: Smart Locks

Security technology is rapidly evolving. Just a few years ago, the notion of being able to secure your property or belongings from afar with just a push of a button was the stuff of science fiction. But fast forward to today and consumers can now use technology to secure their homes, businesses, and belongings with smart locks that use advanced recognition technology, access codes, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. In addition to the primary purpose of securing those things that are important to you, smart locks also offer convenience, customization, and remote access. 

Using Bluetooth technology, you can unlock your lock, share access with others, and monitor activity – all through an app on your smartphone. With this high-tech lock, there are no keys to lose and no combinations to remember because your phone is your key. Usable on a home or office entryway or even on a garage door, shed, gate, gym locker, storage unit, or a filing cabinet.

Many smart locks also feature a low battery notification and reminder both on the padlock and in the app. If you need to unlock or lock the Bluetooth padlock but you don’t have your phone, you can simply enter the directional code right on your lock keypad.

Smart Locks are highly convenient, robust, and designed to give you complete control over the security and safety of your belongings. The Flying Locksmiths are more than just your “standard locksmith”, we are always on the cutting edge of security technology and we offer home and business owners expert smart lock installation and servicing. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact one of our experts. We would be happy to walk you through your options and find a solution that is just right for your home or business.