Workplace access control system.

What is Physical Access Control

Physical security is always a priority for business owners. More than just protecting employees and business assets, creating a highly functional, efficient, and optimizable security system means that standard locks and keys need an upgrade. Enter access control systems.

Unlike physical barriers like walls, fences, or basic doors, access control systems guide who, how, and when an individual can gain entry to your facility or specific sections of your facility. Through electrical systems such as keypads, card or fob consoles, or even biometric readers (fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, or retina scanners) access control specialists can design and install systems that not only protect your business but offer advanced efficiency and monitoring features.

Common access control elements include:

  • Card Access
  • Keypads
  • Video and Audio Intercom Systems
  • Biometric Access Control

Access control systems in many cases are a no-brainer solution providing robust features and relieving many headaches for business owners and managers.

Employee Access
Simply grant access once and give your employees access to everything they need to get their job done. With the scan of a key card or input of a PIN, the employee can get wherever they need to with ease.

Go Keyless
With a standard lock and key system, the larger the building the more keys you need. Eventually, this becomes cumbersome and inefficient not to mention leaves several security risks due to lost keys or unauthorized duplication. An access control system saves time for those accessing restricted areas and also saves you visits from the locksmith.

Save Money
Save money utilizing access control systems to verify identity without the need for a security guard and stop wasting time managing keys across all your employees and staff.

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes
With record logs, know who is entering your building and when. Resolve incidents quickly and ensure only those with proper credentials access restricted areas.

Access control systems is an important piece of many commercial facilities securities systems. Some of the most common industries that utilize access control systems include:

Learn more about the many benefits of access control systems for your commercial facility by contacting The Flying Locksmiths. After assessing your security needs, we can help layout all your options and find the best solution for your business.