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Medical facilities and healthcare organizations are responsible for protecting hundreds of individuals. This includes doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, maintenance workers, patients, and patients’ friends and family. Managing the security of such a diverse group can be a tall task for any medical facility to manage. On top of the mounting pressure to care for increasing numbers of patients, Healthcare organizations face industry-specific challenges when trying to keep a safe and secure facility.

Access Control and Security Systems For Healthcare and Medical Facilities

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  • Managing Security In High Traffic Areas – Medical facilities like hospitals or doctors’ offices contain many high traffic areas. There are dozens (sometimes hundreds) of individuals walking about the facilities and they all have unique clearance levels regarding location entry and information access. For example, doctors have more access than the guest of a patient and an office administrator has different clearances than a construction worker renovating the hallways. Granting or restricting such a wide scope of security levels across an entire office or hospital building can be almost impossible with standard lock and key systems. The Flying Locksmiths are experts on planning and installing access control systems to easily monitor, update, and review facility-wide door access on an individual level. An administrator can easily restrict or broaden entryway access for designated groups of people (for example all doctors or all patient’s guests). These systems also provide a history log of entry and exit including personal identification, entryway location, and time of access.
  • Patient Data Breaches (HIPAA Privacy Violations) – Healthcare operations are held to very strict patient privacy standards enforced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Medical offices are responsible to assure patients confidential medical and financial information (known as PHI or Protected Health Information) is not accessed by unauthorized persons or criminals. Violations can result in heavy fines or (in worse cases) workers being jailed. Unfortunately, while the penalties are severe the potential for such violations in a Healthcare workplace is high. If necessary security measures are not taken, criminals can access physical documents and unauthorized facility staff can access information without the administrations knowing. The Flying Locksmiths can combine the latest cabinet lock and key technology with a well-designed security camera system to minimize risks and prevent breaches in PHI security.
  • Medical Supply And Equipment Theft – Healthcare facilities such as hospitals or immediate care buildings have very expensive (and often portable) medical equipment accessible to their medical staff. However, with minimal risk patients, friends and family, or building workers can obtain this equipment and make significant money reselling them online. A patient who smuggles out a digital thermometer, blood pressure cuffs, and a simple bed alarm pad can walk away with $850 dollars worth of equipment. There have been cases of patients stealing portable ultrasound machines over the course of a year representing more than $500,000 in equipment losses. Medical facilities who do not maintain modern security measures can quickly become the victim of medical supplies and equipment theft. The Flying Locksmiths provide comprehensive security solutions using modern access control technology (such as a key fob, card access, or keypad system) and strategic security camera placements. These security technologies put you back in control of your facility, preventing costly medical supply and equipment theft.
  • Active Assailant Attacks – Aggravated patients or hostile individuals attempting to confront or harm hospitalized patients are a significant security problem for Healthcare organizations. Having a secure medical space is crucial to running a successful operation. To address modern assailant threats facilities need advanced security technology. The Flying Locksmiths high-security doors, audio and video building intercom systems, and door security systems significantly minimize these security threats and offer layers of protection in dire situations.

The Flying Locksmiths proudly provide Healthcare security solutions across the United States. We understand the significant security threats medical facilities face. Careful planning and strategic security technology such as hospital access control systems and high-security door installation need to be applied to keep medical staff, patients, and patients’ guests safe. Similarly, security camera placements in a doctor’s office or immediate care facility can prevent HIPAA violations and office cabinet lock and key systems or commercial safe installations keep physical documents behind a protective barrier. This can save Healthcare organizations from significant fines or even imprisonment. For additional layers of protection, we can install modern door access intercom systems to filter individuals’ access and minimize attacker risks.

The Flying Locksmiths provide tailored security solutions for a wide range of Healthcare Facilities, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Surgical Centers
  • Senior Living Facilities

We have over 30 years of physical security experience and can provide your facility with high-tech solutions to address advanced healthcare security threats. Our team will begin with a thorough security assessment to identify the most significant weak points in your facility’s security and follow up with a modern security plan to minimize these risks. We guarantee expert work so contact us today by phone at 1-800-649-5397 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

Additional Industries We Serve With Access Control & Security Systems

Over our nearly 70+ year history, we’ve had the pleasure of working with business owners from a wide range of industries. From retail and transportation to healthcare and education, The Flying Locksmiths, with our array of locksmith services and security system services has built a diverse base of knowledge and experience that we bring to all of our jobs.