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File Cabinet Locks & Keys

Email Us The Code – We Send You The Key

At The Flying Locksmiths, we help businesses and homes stay safe and secure through comprehensive, easy-to-use, and incredibly effective security solutions. Our team of certified locksmiths works hard to provide expert security systems and peerless customer service, and we’re on-call 24/7 to help you with any lockouts or urgent situations that may arise. Security isn’t just about keeping the doors locked, though – and we can turn even your normal office desk into a secure storage place for sensitive documents.

Replacement Keys & Locks For File Cabinets

Many office desks and file cabinets come with locks, and keeping a secure drawer in your desk or filing cabinet is a great way to keep proprietary or sensitive documents safe and secure. Unfortunately, though, it’s all too easy to lose the keys that operate these locks – and then they’re as good as useless.

At The Flying Locksmiths, we can create a brand new key that will open the lock without ever dispatching a locksmith to your location. Most locks have a code right on the face of the cylinder, and we can use that code to create a factory-cut copy of the key that will operate the lock. It’s easy, inexpensive, and ensures you have control over your secure spaces. The process is as simple as emailing us the codes and we will mail you back the keys. If the code is unreadable or simply not there, don’t worry, we can still help. A trained file cabinet locksmith can create a working key by hand.

We can also provide various file cabinet locks and desk locks that may be missing or broken. Sometimes these locks have not been used in a long time, do not operate correctly, or are just missing altogether. Not to worry! We have replacement file cabinet locks and desk locks suited to fit almost any application. We will take care of FireKing locks and keys for you. Give us a call and let us get your office file cabinets and desks secured.

Filing Cabinet Lock Installations

If your desk or filing cabinet doesn’t have a lock, we can help with that as well. Our locksmiths are highly trained craftsmen who can install a lock on any desk or cabinet without damaging the hardware or wood, and we carry a wide range of products to suit any security application. Whether your desk lock is missing, broken, or was never there in the first place, we can help you turn any desk or cabinet in your office into a secure safe for your documents.

Trust the Flying Locksmiths with all of your physical security needs – both inside and out. Contact a location near you today to see how our trained technicians can help improve the security of your office.


As an essential business, The Flying Locksmiths are proud to continue to serve the security needs of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Contactless Risk Assessment is just one way we're continuing to serve you safely. Simply upload photos of your job before submitting the contact form below and we'll reply promptly with a quote.