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We understand how valuable your time is as a local business owner. From scheduling to inventory, staff development or customer service, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with a compromised security system. Hidden cameras and door alarms are some of your first lines of defense to deter a possible shoplifter or break-in on your property. Time spent on fixing your store’s security is time better spent on interacting with your customers and growing your business.

Access Control and Security Systems For Retail Stores

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  • Shrink & Theft at Point of Sale (POS) Preventing shoplifting is perhaps one of the top concerns for retailers across the country. As devices that aid shoplifters and thieves increase in popularity, this creates a smarter, more tech-savvy criminal. From internal employee theft from cash drawers to shoplifters popping sensors off of your items, a hidden camera system or other video surveillance can help reduce or deter shrink and theft from happening. When you choose The Flying Locksmiths for your video surveillance system, we will guarantee that you have proper camera placement in all of your store’s blind spots so that you can best monitor your entire space at all times.
  • After Hour Break-In or Theft – Burglars will often stake out a business long before acting. They will observe your store hours, routines, delivery schedules, and more before planning their crime. Nighttime break-ins are one of the biggest times for intruders to strike since no one is around and the lights are often out. Access control and door monitoring are some of the best ways that you can monitor activity on your store’s premises after hours. With access control from The Flying Locksmiths, we give you the power to control which employees can access which doors, at specific times. You’ll get instant alerts on any suspicious activity happening at your business. No matter which security solution you choose, be sure to keep a secured safe on-site to prevent your company’s assets from being compromised.
  • Faulty or Propped Back Doors – Shopping stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers typically have a back door in which they receive inventory shipments and other deliveries. Because of the high traffic in this area, your business is at high risk for theft. The Flying Locksmiths carries a variety of door monitoring and door alarms that will alert you any time your back door is opened – you can even set alerts for doors being propped open for improved door monitoring.
  • Slip & Fall Lawsuits – Even with the most secure safety measures in place (ex. wet floor signs or safety floor mats), customers and shoppers can have a slip & fall accident at your store. Despite accident reports being mandated in most instances, liability claims remain one of the biggest problems that retailers face. The Flying Locksmiths offers the perfect solution: retail store video surveillance installation. With security cameras, you can monitor exactly what happens before, during, and after a slip & fall or other customer injuries on your property. Video surveillance systems are most effective in high traffic areas such as entry/exit points, restrooms, and drinking fountains. While camera monitoring can’t prevent accidents from happening, it can help authorities better understand what happened. We’ll work together with you to guarantee camera placement in the most effective areas for your store.

The Flying Locksmiths are proud to be your locally owned & operated locksmith services and security systems installer for retail stores. We understand how important retail security solutions are for the safety of business owners, their employees, and their customers. From storefront doors & door alarms to hidden cameras, store safes, or security grille doors, there are many opportunities for a security breach to happen if you don’t regularly audit your existing security system. If your store requires its management team to open and close using a traditional lock & key system, we offer high-security locks & keys to offer an additional layer of protection.

The Flying Locksmiths provide specifically tailored security solutions for a wide range of retail environments, including:

  • Malls
  • Shopping Plazas
  • Convenience Stores
  • Banks
  • Grocery Stores, and many more!

Take the stress out of keeping your store safe when you choose The Flying Locksmiths as your trusted security team. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we’ll begin with a security assessment of your property to identify areas that could be improved. We also offer a myriad of access control solutions that allow you to remotely grant or revoke employee access at any given time. Contact or call us today at 1-800-649-5397 to get started.

Additional Industries We Serve With Access Control & Security Systems

Over our nearly 70+ year history, we’ve had the pleasure of working with business owners from a wide range of industries. From retail and transportation to healthcare and education, The Flying Locksmiths, with our array of locksmith services and security system services has built a diverse base of knowledge and experience that we bring to all of our jobs.