Commercial Wood Doors

The Flying Locksmiths is the largest national installer of commercial wood doors and frames in the United States. Rustic and aesthetically flexible, there’s a solid reason why they’re among the most popular choice for Class-A office spaces throughout the country.


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About Wood Doors

Wood doors provide good security in a stylish way. With a great number of panel options, stain colors and veneer choices, the office look and feel you are going for is always achievable. TFL has been working with doors for over 75 years, so you can rest assured our door professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you on the best options for your business space.

Commercial Wood Doors we supply & install:

  • Solid Core Wood Doors
  • Dutch Doors
  • Wood doors with glass
  • Hollow wood doors
  • Heavy, custom wood doors
  • Exterior wood doors
  • Fire-Rated Wood Doors

Wood Door Installation Service

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Should I use wood doors in my office?

Wood doors are among the most popular door type in the country for pretty much all commercial interior doors that aren’t at a manufacturing plant. Why we recommend wood doors for interior spaces:

  • They’re easily sound-proofed and retrofitted with glass
  • Can be installed in steel or wood door frames
  • Can put up with a lot of abuse
  • Smart locks or access control systems are easily installed into prepped wood doors

Want to learn more about commercial wood doors for your office? Check out the Pros & Cons in our ultimate door guide.

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