5 Unknown Features of Alarm Lock

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Are you using all the alarm lock features available to you?


Here at The Flying Locksmiths, we are big fans of Alarm Lock Card Access Systems. They are a great, stand alone, solution to anyone looking to upgrade to a card access system for their office space or facility. Instead of handing out keys and rekeying locks, end users can hand our ID badges or pin codes. You can monitor all kinds of elements within the system and they are even wireless now, making programming extremely easy!

But there are some smaller, almost hidden features, that you might not know about. These features can help you make the most of your existing system.


1. Toggle Codes and Cards. A toggle code is a specific code that will let the user leave the lock in an open or closed state. This means, you can have a special card, pin or user, that has the option to leave the door open for any length of time. Meaning that if you are moving boxes or products into a space for an extended period of time, you would not have to keep entering a code to obtain entry.  Also, you would have the option to lock the door earlier, if needed. With the Holidays approaching, you may have a day that your office closes earlier than normal. If the alarm lock is programmed to lock at 5:00PM, you could use your toggle card or code to lock it up earlier.

2. Pins AND Cards. Typically, a user for an alarm lock system uses either a prox card or a pin code, but did you know that you can require a user to have both? If you have a room in your facility that requires additional security, you can specify that the specific door requires BOTH a pin and prox card for entry. This ensures that a stolen card or pin code can not be used, without verification from the other credential.

3. You can UPGRADE to Wireless. The Alarm Lock Networx is somewhat new, so a lot of users may have purchased the system before the wireless option was
available. That, however, does not mean that you can not upgrade to a wireless system. The new wireless units will co-exist with existing units that are not wireless, so they can all be managed on the same database. Even better, you can purchase a package, that will upgrade your existing locks to wireless units!

4. One Time Codes. Want to give someone access to your space, without having to circle back later and revoke their access? Give them a one time code! This code is pretty self explanatory, but it essentially is just a pin code, that can be used once and than rendered “off” by the system after it’s used. It’s a great way to give contractors access to a space on a weekend etc.

5. Audit Trails. We all know you CAN access reports and pull information from the lock, but most users hardly ever access the reports. Take a a few minutes from time to time and read through your audit trails. Look for access entries or denied requests, so you can address issues before they become a bigger problem. Not only can this save you lots of headaches and potential service calls, but it could even prevent attempted burglary!



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