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3 Essential Security Technologies Your Business Needs

3 essential security technologies your business needs

The security of your business is critical. Ensuring your office and employees are safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attacks should be the number one priority for your business. Not only will it save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs but providing your employees with a safe and secure working space is critical to the success of your business.

While locks are an important part of security, today’s security demands call for a much more sophisticated security solution. Modern technology has made physical security better than it has ever been. There are three essential safekeeping technologies critical to keeping your staff and office assets secure from theft and intruder attacks. These systems are vital to office security and are quickly becoming the norm for modern businesses. 

Keypads and card access

Standard metal keys can be stolen and copied, are easily lost by employees, and can be difficult to use. Card access or keypad systems eliminate the need to copy and distribute keys to employees. Modern keypad and card access systems are most popular with businesses due to their easy operation and advanced control abilities. Employees can enter using a 6-digit code, keycard, or proximity fob with access limited by time of day or security level.

Door alarm systems

Almost all break-ins happen through a doorway. Door alarm systems have become a very popular security system for modern businesses. When someone tries to open a door during closed operation hours or when a door is forcibly opened a high pitch frequency will be emitted often scaring the intruder away. Additionally, it can be connected to a local police force call system to notify authorities when there is a break in and assure that the situation is mitigated quickly.

Door alarm systems also have the added benefit of reducing the threat of burglary without sacrificing fire safety. Exits that specific users or customers are not permitted to use except in the case of emergencies can be set as a door alarm requiring users or customers to leave out specified exits to avoid setting off an alarm.

Video-enabled intercoms

Intercoms allow staff to communicate, either through voice or video chat, with visitors at an entry point in a facility. Businesses can also keep a constant log of entries and have the ability to issue/restrict individuals at any time. If needed businesses can issue virtual keys for seamless access to designated individuals and streamline the security of the entire facility.

The benefits of an intercom system include increased security at access points, restricted access to high-priority areas, and instant communication across a facility. Both voice and video-enabled intercoms deter criminal activity as individuals must identify themselves to enter an access way and this significantly increases the security of your business.

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