Commercial Building Destroyed By Storm

Keeping Your Building Safe from Storms and Weather


Is your commercial building prepared for hurricane season? What about the theft that often happens in the wake of a bad hurricane? If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about hurricane security, or if you aren’t sure if your building is ready, then The Flying Locksmiths can help!

Local building codes often provide excellent guidelines to start protecting your commercial building from bad storms. We can help you understand these codes, and advise a remodel that makes sure your business will survive hurricanes and any related burglary that might take place. To start, let’s talk about important commercial security solutions to improve building protection and preparation.


If your building has a backup generator, then you can supply a valuable source of power if (or when) the electricity fails in hurricane season. That can be particularly important for staying in business or accessing electronic records, but it requires proper maintenance. Always test your generator before hurricane season, make sure it is filled with fresh fuel, and make sure you have access to additional fuel suppliers if necessary.


The windows in your commercial building should be pressure-rated and reinforced for hurricane conditions. Covers and tape will not be able to protect the windows themselves during a hurricane, especially larger commercial windows. Windows rated for storms like these are typically called “impact windows.” Since they typically remain sealed, they are also excellent deterrents against burglary. There are several different levels of window insulation you can choose for these windows. Contact us at The Flying Locksmiths to learn more about window security and what type of impact windows work best for your particular location.


Unprotected buildings can also face dangers from debris, carried by powerful winds. If you are in an area where you need to cover your windows for additional protection, we suggest installing anchors and bolts around your windows so that you can quickly put up prepared plywood or panels.


Rooftops can be particularly vulnerable during hurricanes. Fortunately, commercial buildings tend to have flat rooftops with protective rubberized coatings, which is already one of the best ways to protect your roof against a storm. Commercial rooftops should also have functioning drainage systems in place that can deal with large quantities of rainwater, so there’s no danger of flooding and leaks. If it’s been a while since you have considered roof maintenance, we suggest an inspection to make sure there are no serious problems.

We can help with your commercial and business security needs!


The doors to your building should also be storm-resistant and have durable locks that burglars cannot easily break through. Any glass in your doors should be equally rated for storms, just like your windows!

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