New Year's Resolution Banner.

Resolve To Upgrade Your Business’ Security

New Year’s resolutions can be a tricky thing. Whether you aspire to be more active or mindful of your finances, one resolution that should be at the top of your list is to make sure your business is secure and protected.

No matter what kind of business that you’re in, security and safety is, and always will be a top priority. Whether it’s keeping your money safe or just ensuring the safety of you and your staff, protecting your business this year is a resolution you won’t want to break. The Flying Locksmiths are here to help keep those resolutions intact with a few ways that we can help you upgrade your business’ security.


The first and most important thing you can do to keep out any potential intruders is to make sure that your locks are in proper working order. Continuing to put off necessary upgrades to your locks leaves your business vulnerable to unwelcome guests. The Flying Locksmiths will replace any broken or outdated locks with better, high-security locks. These new locks are also ‘copy-proof’, which protects you from employees or anyone else from keeping or making copies of the keys without you knowing.


Protecting yourself from internal threats can be just as important as protection from external threats. While we’re not saying that you shouldn’t trust your employees, there are certain cases where you may need to limit their access to particular areas of the building, such as your own office. The Flying Locksmiths can install a master key system for your business, which will allow you to control who has access to what, at any given time, while always having complete master access to yourself.


Sometimes the biggest detriment to ourselves comes from our own doing. The reality is that everyone forgets things, we’re only human after all. Losing or forgetting the keys to your business can happen, and you don’t want to have your business suffer because of it. That‘s why The Flying Locksmiths offer commercial lockout and 24/7 emergency lockout assistance in some areas so we’ll be there when you need us most.

While we might not be able to ensure that you’re getting to the gym as often as you told yourself you would, the Flying Locksmiths can help you keep your business security resolutions in the new year. Contact us today for a commercial security assessment to see how we can help protect your business.