Commercial Security ROI calculation

How to Measure the ROI of Commercial Security


Physical security systems are a difficult investment to track returns on. When security systems are working their best you should hardly notice they are there. Figuring out whether your assets have been protected by a security system or if there was no threat at all can be difficult. 

Commercial security systems offer businesses unique benefits with tangible monetary returns. To properly measure the return of a high functioning security system you have to look at the value of the assets you are protecting, the benefits the security system has on workplace efficiency, and the bonus it can give to your business’s bottom line. 

secure your assets from theft

Access control gives complete facility control back to the business owners and managers. Keypad, fob, or card access systems can limit and track employee access to areas where products or other assets are stored. These systems prevent a burglar from accessing asset heavy areas significantly reducing theft vulnerabilities across your facility. Valuables like product and production machinery or hardware like computers, monitors, and industrial printers can be heavy losses if stolen. Commercial security not only protects these assets but gives owners and managers a piece of mind about their companies security.  

Similarly, less tangible assets like data can be disastrous to lose. Software code, proprietary algorithms, architecture plans, or a collection of clients data are targets for more sophisticated thieves and the return on preventing integral data from being stolen from your facility is well worth the cost of commercial security.

prevent/minimize damages

Another way security systems help save companies money is through disaster preparedness. Commercial security systems have the advanced ability to quickly alert key individuals to floods, fires, or break in attempts at your facility. They can also be connected to local authority systems alerting firefighters or police forces when such incidence occurs. This minimizes the chances of such incidences shutting your business down and can reduce costs associated with repair when the situations are handled quickly.

increased efficiency

Commercial security also adds to the bottom line of many businesses. Video surveillance systems can greatly increase efficiencies across your facility. Employee error can go unnoticed and be causing financial losses. Problems ringing up customers at a register or inefficient methods of performing production tasks are reviewable from video surveillance systems, allowing managers to properly train and correct problems as they see fit. 

As a bonus, these security systems assure owners and managers that proper commercial security systems are in place. This means hiring employee security is less necessary and costs from full-time security can be spent in other areas of the business.

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