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The Locksmith Evolution: Intercom Systems


Audio & video intercoms have become an integral part of any modern home or office security system. Intercom systems add an additional layer of security at entry points by allowing you to easily screen visitors before allowing them access.


The ability to control who comes in and out of the door, without having to leave a desk, is a luxury most receptionists or office workers would love to have. Some systems utilize audio only, allowing you to ask the person at the door for his or her credentials. Other systems have fully functional video capabilities, with recording and zooming features, allowing you to capture all activity you want, at the door. The systems have so many different features, at various price points, so we are sure to have an option that works for your property.

Access Control
In addition to audio and video surveillance, many intercom systems are able to integrate directly into the access control solution at your home or business. Most intercom systems offer the ability to manage doors and entry points with ease.

  • Open and manage doors from your smartphone
  • Review visitor entry logs
  • Issue or restrict access to specific areas or an entire property
  • Issue virtual keys for simple visitor access
  • Transfer calls to external lines such as a mobile device

Audio & Video Surveillance
Perhaps one of the more obvious features of an intercom system is the ability to record audio and video at your points of entry. This can come in very handy if you need to find out if your security procedures have been followed correctly in the event of an emergency. The intercom systems preferred by The Flying Locksmiths offer additional features beyond simple video and audio recording:

  • Aiphone Intercoms offer video capability complete with tilt, zoom, and pan functionality
  • Initiate a voice or video chat with visitors
  • Send recordings to an external device
  • Apartment building focused intercom systems from ButterflyMX provide residents the ability to screen and record visitors at their individual units


Reduce costs over time and save yourself from the headaches of installation and maintenance of your intercom system. Leave the hardware and network installation to the experts in the field. The systems have so many different features, at various price points, so we are sure to have an option that works for you! Contact us today for a free quote!