Woman operating a home access control system


The term access control is being used more frequently when it comes to entryways and securities. Let’s talk about what it means, and what modern solutions can provide!


Access control typically refers to digital systems that control access to an entryway. In other words, if something uses electronics instead of a traditional key-and-lock setup, then it is a form of access control. We are seeing a lot more access control systems in the market since they are flexible solutions that provide a lot of security and control options for managing your doors.

Common technology used in access control systems includes PINs, Bluetooth codes, fingerprint scanners, and more.


They are only for business. In the past, these sorts of advanced access control systems were primarily relegated to companies that needed to protect particular areas, literally limiting access to only certain people. These days, access control systems are also very popular for modern homes. We have seen the rise of smart door locks, smart doorbells, and many other products that function as access control systems that homeowners can easily adopt.

They always use biometrics. Biometrics refers to reading some part of the body, such as fingerprints, irises, or facial features. Many people think of this when considering access control, but in fact, there are many types of security features. Common smart locks use wireless connections to secure doors. Others have Bluetooth fobs that you need to be carrying to unlock the door. The traditional punch-in code is still popular in some areas. There are plenty of options.

Locksmiths don’t provide access control solutions. Locksmiths aren’t stuck in the past offering only traditional key-based services. We also provide a number of access control systems for homes and businesses and can offer advice on the best features for your situation.


Time-Saving. Once an access control system is set up, it can be much faster than rooting around for your keys or using other older systems. Depending on the solution you choose, you may also not have to worry about losing keys or cards.

Flexible Security. Access control systems can include a broad variety of features, including alarms, security logs to show who is entering and when, the ability to hand out temporary “passes” for visitors, security cams, intercom systems, and much more. You can easily create a system that includes what you want, and managing from apps is common, so your mobile device can help you control access as needed.

Easily Scalable. Access control systems can be created for complex environments with a lot of people entering and exiting, as well as a simple entryway for families. Likewise, security elements can include multiple requirements and careful registration, or you can choose a simpler system that includes the speed aspects that were mentioned above.

Better Locks. Since access control uses electronics and other advanced components, it can support larger locks and bolts that are more resistant to force.

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