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What To Do If You Don’t Have the Combination to Your Safe

If you’re looking to improve security for small, portable personal belongings and valuables at your business, step one is finding a high-quality safe. Step two is remembering the combination! If you’ve missed step two, have no fear. Forgetting the combination to your safe is common, and it’s a relatively easy problem to workaround. Just ask yourself the following questions, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your safe open again.

Do you have a key to your safe? Some safes come with physical keys, known as “override keys,” in case of an emergency. Not every safe comes with an override key, but if yours does, this is a simple way to get into your safe without the combination.

Do change keys work on your safe? A change key can be used to change the combination of your safe. Not every safe accepts a change key, however. If you can’t open your safe with an override key or change key, there’s one sure-fire way to get it open: calling a locksmith.

What kind of safe do you have? Every safe is different. The make and model of your safe are essential pieces of information for your locksmith. If you have the serial number of the safe, that can be even more helpful. Once you tell us what kind of safe you have, we can figure out how to unlock it or reset the code.

The team at The Flying Locksmiths is standing by to help when you’ve locked yourself out of your safe. We can make sure you can access this highly secure piece of equipment, as we have experience with safes from all manufacturers and models. Keep this page bookmarked in case you ever forget your combination and remember that we’re just a phone call away to provide safe opening services and safe repairs!