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Have you ever heard of a “key by code”? No? That’s OK, most people haven’t!

A “key by code” is a key that is generated based of a series of numbers/letters printed on the face of your lock. In fact, TFL Physical Security Specialists can use those codes to get you a new operating key for your desk, file cabinet, office furniture – even tool boxes without ever having to make a physical visit to your home or business. So, you know that drawer that someone seems to lock “by accident” every couple of weeks? Don’t keep struggling to make sure no one locks it. Contact TFL and let us get those keys back for you!

Desk Locks and Keys

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The Flying Locksmiths are able to support and supply desk keys and office furniture keys for a multitude of different manufacturers:

CompX, Chicago, National, Timberline, Haworth, Herman Miller, Hon, Hudson, Kimball Office, Knoll, Wesko, Steelcase and many others.

These keys may belong to a desk, credenza, cubicle, mailbox, padlock, tool box or file cabinets.

By locating a code, on the face of the lock and giving the TFL team the name of the manufacturer, we can use the code to generate a new operating key. You may have never even noticed a “code” on the lock – but 99% of the time – it is there. Go ahead and look at the lock, right where the key goes in and see if you have a series of numbers and/or letters. TFL uses an independent software system, which is updated routinely, to identify that code. The TFL Physical Security Experts have access to an extensive code database, thousands of key blanks and are more than capable of generating an exact match for you.

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Locks & Keys Services

When you need lock and key services for your home or business, turn to the experienced team at The Flying Locksmiths! Our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists can recommend the best solution for your needs from our comprehensive suite of services ranging from high-security locks and keys to rekeying and emergency lockout response. Our company has been in the locksmith business for over 70 years and uses only the most trained, vetted, and professional technicians. Learn more about our lock and key services below.