About Padlocks

When choosing a padlock, the options are nearly endless. Features include body size, key operation, weatherproofing, shackle size, combo operation, and more. There are many uses to padlock keys, including locks that work on one key, eliminating the need for additional keys. Homeowners can have padlocks that match their main house key, so they don’t have to have separate keys for their garage or shed, etc…


With a successful and efficient partnership with Clark Security Products in Massachusetts, we can have any padlock next day, keyed and ready to go, and that’s only if we don’t already have it in our showroom or van (we like to stay stocked).

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Monitor Your Padlocks Remotely

We also offer different types of locker padlocks, high-security padlocks, and even digital padlocks, that can be monitored from a remote location! Some of the many brands you will find at our locksmith shop include Master Padlocks, Abus Padlocks, American Padlocks, Sesamee and many more! Stop by and talk to our trained locksmith staff. We will happily go over your best options and get you set up the way you want.

Locks & Keys Services

When you need lock and key services for your home or business, turn to the experienced team at The Flying Locksmiths! Our Commercial Locksmiths and Door Security System Specialists can recommend the best solution for your needs from our comprehensive suite of services ranging from high-security locks and keys to rekeying and emergency lockout response. Our company has been in the locksmith business for over 70 years and uses only the most trained, vetted, and professional technicians. Learn more about our lock and key services below.