Access Control Solutions for College Dorm Facilities.

How to Address Security Concerns at Your College or University

Educators and faculty members today likely have more on their minds than just education. After all, staff and students these days have real security concerns. Administrators need to understand security challenges and have plans in place for the safety of everyone on campus. 

At The Flying Locksmiths, we understand the major security issues on your mind and can make sure you’re equipped to deal with or even prevent them. Take a look at some common security challenges and solutions below.

Dormitory Security 

College dorms should be locked at all times to keep students safe. If you’re in charge of a college or university dormitory, you can make sure each student is equipped with a student ID which gives them access to their dorm – and only their dorm. A full access control system can be tailored to run smoothly for every residence on your campus to ensure security, day and night.

Classroom Security

If you’re in charge of security for an educational institution, no matter the age of the students, you’ll want to manage safety in classrooms and keep an eye on people entering the building. An access control system can help you do just that. This type of system can give you a bird’s eye view of security along with control over the doors. Monitor activity and get instant alerts of suspicious behavior with the help of one of our access control systems.

Additionally, an intercom can be integrated with your access control system to give you the ability to hear what’s going on and communicate with classrooms about ongoing security issues.

COVID-19 Security

In 2020, COVID-19 made touchless features an essential aspect of security. If you want an entry system and other security features which limit how easily COVID-19 and other viruses can spread through touch, we can show you a range of options to update your security system.

Schedule a Security Assessment 

Whether you run a community college, research university or small private college, turn to The Flying Locksmiths to create a plan for increasing security. We have more than 74 years of experience along with extensive knowledge of today’s security tools. Contact us today to schedule a security assessment so that we can identify weak areas in your security and provide the solutions to keep you, your students, the faculty and all staff members safe.