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The Flying Locksmiths is Oklahoma City trusted name in Property and Facilities Management. As your full-service physical security experts, we will secure your property based on your specific needs. Fire/Life/Safety and ADA code Specialists.

Property/Facilities Management and door repair services:

  • Door installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Property lockout assistant
  • Property intercom system installation and maintenance
  • Smart lock installation
  • Padlock selections, installation, and rekeying
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Rekeying services
  • Hinge repairs and maintenance


Oklahoma City’s businesses and commercial facilities rely on The Flying Locksmiths security solutions to protect their commercial assets. We work with a wide range of industries, including commercial businesses, restaurants, banks, retail stores, hospitals, government entities, and beyond. A faulty door or outdated lock system can make it easy for intruders to break in and steal your products stored on-site such as intellectual property or confidential employee information. We’ll secure your business to prevent intruders from entering your facilities, restrict access to unauthorized visitors, secure documents and do whatever it takes to protect your business, its guests, and its employees. As your full-service physical security specialists, we will secure your Oklahoma City, Edmond, or Norman business based on your specific needs. 

Commercial Locksmith and Business Security Services:

  • General door locksmith services (lock installation, repair, rekeying)
  • Access control security system installation and maintenance
  • Sliding / automatic doorway installation and repair
  • Office lockout assistance
  • Business intercom system advisement, installation, and maintenance
  • Video camera surveillance system installation and repair
  • High-security doorway installation and repair


The Flying Locksmiths is Oklahoma City’s trusted name in residential locksmith services and home security. Protecting your family and possessions is what the Flying Locksmiths do best. Burglars will seek vulnerabilities in your home’s physical security through decrepit doors and damaged locks in order to steal valuable assets like vehicles, credit cards, cash, jewelry, tv monitors, or even personal identity documentation. We provide homeowners ease of mind by offering certified locksmiths with a wide range of security techniques and technologies for any residential security need.

Residential Locksmith and door repair services:

  • Door installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Home lockout assistant
  • Home intercom system installation and maintenance
  • Safe installation, repair, opening & combination changes 
  • Smart lock installation
  • Padlock selections, installation, and rekeying
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Rekeying services
  • Hinge repairs and maintenance


The Flying Locksmiths of Oklahoma City are forward-thinking and always innovating. Our advanced access control solutions make worrying about physical keys a thing of the past, allowing for a whole new set of features that ensure that your home or business is more secure than ever.

What is Access Control

Generally speaking, the goal of access control systems is to allow for the selective restriction to a physical place, information, or resource. To accomplish this end access control technology has advanced greatly, utilizing new means of controlling facility access including keypads, proximity fobs, keycards, audio/visual intercoms, smartphone-enabled locking mechanisms, and much more.

Advantage of Access Control

Access Control gives unique and powerful control back to the users. Remote access allows you to grant and revoke access from anywhere. Audit trails allow users to generate reports for access logs, including detailed user and entry activity. And cloud-based systems are easily manageable on the fly and can be integrated on your mobile device giving you complete control of your home or business from any location.

Access Control Services

Innovation is the key to ensuring the security of your home or business in this day and age. Keeping your household or commercial property secure is our number one priority and we can provide Madison all forms of access control solutions.

Access Control Installation & Repair Services

  • Smartlock installation
  • Card access installation
  • Keypad access system installation
  • Alarm lock repair and installation
  • Trilogy lock installation and repair
  • Audio and Video Enabled Intercom Systems
  • Smart Device Enabled Locking Mechanisms

Meet the owners

Samson and Azieb Tesfaselassie, with their two children and their two new puppies, reside in Edmond, Oklahoma. They moved to Oklahoma from Charleston, West Virginia in 2009. They enjoy the beautiful Sooner State and have been an active part of the community since 2009.

Samson holds a Master’s of Science (MS) degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from West Virginia University and worked as production, completion and reservoir engineer in the oil and gas industry. He worked for independent oil and gas companies such as Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Equitable Resources. He has more than 15 years of corporate experience. He enjoys working on projects that improve the bottom line. He likes working with people and loves helping others to reach their full potential.

Azieb holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree from Georgia State University. She worked for SITEL Corporation and UPMC Hospital. After their first child was born, she stayed home to raise their two children. She enjoys taken care of her family and has been an active participant in the community and schools. She has great integrity and character. She enjoys helping people and has a good heart.

Samson and Azieb are very excited to bring The Flying Locksmiths to Oklahoma City Area. One of the main deciding factors for them to bring The Flying Locksmiths to Oklahoma was the family behind the business. The McMenimon family, founders of The Flying Locksmiths, is an amazing family, full of integrity and great character. Samson’s and Azieb’s goal for the business is to provide the best locksmith services, one that gives customers peace of mind. They will accomplish this by treating every customer like family.

In combining experience, modern technology, business education, and top-notch customer service, we are here for you whenever you need us. We are proud to offer residential and commercial locksmith and security solutions to Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, and the surrounding areas. Contact or call us at 405-494-4699 to get started.

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