Increasing the safety and security of common access points

About Nimbio Access Control

Nimbio is revolutionizing the experience of end-users at multi-family complexes by the management of and interaction with common access points on the property. From the entry gate, to main building entrances, to all common spaces, any access point can be opened with the touch of a button on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Buzzing visitors, service or delivery people in or revoking access to anyone, at any time, is just a matter of seconds.

Mimbio Access Control Box

Safer than a key-fob and more secure than an entry code or lockbox, the Nimbio access control solution is a totally customizable and secure option with easy integration into any existing access points. It is also one of the most cost effective access solutions available because it reduces the need for long wire runs by utilizing cellular service.

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Key Features and Benefits of Nimbio

  • Unlock common access points from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Works with existing electronic doors, gates, key fobs and codes for a seamless integration
  • Grant keys, revoke keys, and review access logs from a sophisticated Community Manager dashboard
  • Eliminate lock out calls, lost key fobs and the potential security risk of untrackable, shared keys and entry codes
  • Keeps tenant packages safe and ensures reliable and secure delivery every time
  • Improved letter, parcel and food delivery for property staff and tenants
  • Cloud-based technology for the most up-to-date, problem free service without any hardware upgrade required
  • Community Manager dashboard is a command center to control who is (or isn't) allowed within the property

How Does The Nimbio Access Control Solution Work?

It's simple, Nimbio turns a buildings existing electronic locking hardware into an access point controllable from a phone. The access solution is cost effective because it relies on cellular service and works with multiple carriers worldwide. It really is just a simple three step process:

  • A small control box is installed to an electronic lock or building buzzer system
  • An authorized key on a mobile device makes a request to a cloud-based server
  • When the request has been verified, a command is sent to the controller to trigger the access point and open the door


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