What Is Electronic Access Control?

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Electronic access control is a security solution that gives you detailed control over the physical security of your business. Electronic access control systems allow you to restrict access to your facility based on guidelines you define. Limitations can be set on who, where and when. Basically, which user has access to which doors and at what times. Most electronic access control systems offer an audit trail which shows every time the door was accessed, or access was denied, and by whom. These reports can give you detailed information about who has accessed, or tried to access, your facility and when. Electronic access control systems can be placed on one door or many doors over multiple facilities. The same credentials can be used for each door or additional credentials can be required for especially sensitive areas.



Why Use Electronic Access Control?

Traditional mechanical lock access systems have a great number of weaknesses.

  • Keys can be duplicated without the owners’ knowledge.
  • Keys cannot control when a door can be accessed.
  • Mechanical locks cannot provide a list of when the door has been accessed and by whom.
  • When a key is lost or stolen or duplicated without permission, you incur the expense of having every lock changed that the key accesses.
  • Unauthorized key duplication can leave your business vulnerable without you even being aware of it.
  • Mechanical locks can be defeated.

Even mechanical pushbutton locks do not offer the level of security that electronic access control does.

  • They have very few, often only one, codes for all employees.
  • They offer no audit trail capabilities so they can’t tell you who has been in your business or when.
  • They cannot regulate the times a door can be accessed, leaving your business open to anyone with knowledge of the code 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Electronic access control systems can reduce risk while improving overall security in many ways.

 The comprehensive reporting of an audit trail allows for greater accountability and security. If an incident does occur, you have an accurate accounting of who has had access to critical areas during a specified time period.

Electronic access control systems allow for easy deletion or reassignment of credentials. If an employee leaves or is transferred, many credentials, such as proxcards can be reassigned to a new user. If a former user fails to return their credentials they can easily be deleted eliminating the cost of having a locksmith come out to change every lock key could operate. Some systems allow for remote programming of the lockets allowing for quicker response to changes as well as greater ease of use.

Electronic access control systems have a broad range of integratable hardware. This hardware is available in an array of styles and colors to match almost any décor or function from old style mortise locks to modern and weatherproof designs. Systems range from standalone which allows for one or more locks to be programmed individually to fully integrated wireless which for remote programming of all locks in a facility at once from a central location.

Systems are available with keypad access that requires each user to have a designated PIN, magnetic stripe cards that require an access card similar to credit card be swiped through the appropriate reader, Prox readers that allow the user to wave a specified credential in front of the lock-mounted reader to gain access, Biometrics that require a previously programmed template based on such characteristics as fingerprints or retinal scans to be matched, as well as any combination of these. Also, if programmed accordingly, credentials can be valid at multiple locations and for multiple purposes.

Advanced options for time zone designation are available with most electronic access control systems. This means you can designate who is able to access which doors at what time on which days. You can also program locks to automatically lock or unlock at designated time son designated days. For instance, the front door can be set to automatically unlock at 9:00 AM and automatically lock at 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. They can also be programmed to stay locked on specified holidays and weekends. The possibilities are endless! Here is a fun cartoon from Paxton that demonstrates some added benefits:



The Flying Locksmiths encourages you to contact us and discuss what electronic access control solution would be best suited to your facility. Our goal is to help you and your employees have peace of mind.

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